I'm Valerie Sims

A little about me...

I was raised on the beautiful island of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Family history and genealogy intrigued me as a young girl so my first experience with the digital world was a blog about the island's past called, Vintage Virgin Islands.

After writing and reseaching over 300 stories, I was hooked.

started learning how to publish books, create printables and sell print-on-demand products.

Now, I teach entrepreneurs, especially coaches and course creators, how to:

  • Turn their knowledge into a digital planner
  • Publish their business books on Amazon's platform, and
  • Design printables for the Etsy marketplace!

Would you believe all the amazing products you can create from a PDF?

It's endless!


My First Program

In 2020, I enrolled in Amy Porterfield's, Digital Course Academy to learn how to create a course to teach family historians how to publish their first book.

Amy, if you're not aware, is a New York Times Best Selling Author and a very successful marketing guru. She once worked for Tony Robbins.

  • Before enrolling, I used to get so frustrated with all the PDF downloads I had to print whenever I took an online course.
  • So when I joined, I decided to turn all PDF worksheets into a digital planning system so that I could access all the trainings from my iPad.
  • This saved me so much money, time and frustration because I didn't have to print anything. As a bonus, the system allowed me to search and find concepts she spoke of in minutes!

When I showed my new digital planner to Amy's students, close to 350 of them loved it!

That's when I decided to show them how I made the planner using the new tools I learned in her course.

Welcome to the PDF TO PLANNER™ program! 💡

  • All the lessons were organized and searchable on my iPad, so I never felt overwhelmed or frustrated by all the worksheets.
  • Imagine all the toner ink and paper I saved!
  • Plus, I didn’t have to punch holes in all the pages and lug the heavy binder around.
  • I simply popped my iPad into my purse and headed to the coffee shop to work on my lessons. ☕️

Your students or clients are going to find digital workbooks just as fascinating!

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