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70 Simple Content Ideas to Share on Social Media | + FREE PDF Download

(Note: this post has been updated from 60 Social Media Ideas to 70 Ideas)

Do you ever wonder what to share on your Facebook or Instagram page?

I often do.

Today, I'd like to share a helpful resource with you.

I created it  because I haven't been going live as much as I should in my Facebook group, and I wanted to improve the group's engagement.

Content Creation Ideas

This ebook was inspired by Brendon Burchard, one of the most popular personal development trainers in the industry and the author of High-Performance Habits.

He said something recently that made me question my content-sharing strategy.

He said, "to show up and be a leader for your group, you should post four times a day."

  • Imagine my surprise when I heard that!
  • Oh, my goodness, that's a lot of content.
  • What am I going to share?

So, let me show you what I created to solve that problem!

If you're like me, and you struggle too with knowing what to post, have a look at this ebook.

70 Simple Content Ideas to Share on Social Media

Here's an idea .... share a "behind the scenes activity" that's happening in your business this week or promote your affiliate programs that fans would find valuable.

A lot of these ideas are not new.

We all have an inking of what to share.

  • The problem seems to be scheduling these different posts.. at least for me,
  • So, I am working on creating a content calendar for myself.
  • This strategy is helping me decide what kind of post to upload for each day of the week.

That's why it's important to have a resource like this at your fingertips!

Here are a few content ideas:

  1. Post about an upcoming event
  2. Share inspirational quotes
  3. List the books you find helpful
  4. Introduce your audience to an industry leader
  5. Film a quick tutorial
  6. Tell an interesting story about your business
  7. Share your top ten tips
  8. Interview a guest in a similar field for a unique perspective
  9. Add funny Gifs to spark engagement
  10. Re-share interesting news articles
  11. Talk about your business values or what makes you unique
  12. Ask a question to get feedback


Need a Content Calendar?

There are two in this resource, a 5-day, and 7-day weekly calendar so that you can sketch out your plans before posting.

Using GoodNotes 6

If you use a note-taking app like GoodNotes 6, the following strategy works perfectly.

Once downloaded, airdrop or send this resource to the app on your iPad.

(It'll be accessible on your desktop and your mobile device as well.)

Then, you can use your stylus pencil to fill in the pages on your iPad if you have one.

  • Use the lasso tool to move information around.
  • If you have something planned for one day and it doesn't work out, simply move it to another day.

This app is so much fun, don't you think?

Give it a try!

Additional Resources

Here's another resource, 60 Little-Known Places to Share your Lead Magnet.

This checklist will help you maximize the locations to share your freebie.

Have a look at the PDF TO PLANNER™ program too.

You can turn your workbook into an interactive planner with a navigation bar as an upsell.

  • This program is perfect for a course creator with a large quantity of PDF worksheets or more than 20 pages in total.
  • It has the added benefit of reducing the overwhelm and frustration that students might feel when they try unsuccessfully to locate specific information.

Combining all the course workbooks into a hyperlinked planner is the perfect solution. 

Interested in accomplishing your one big goal this year?

The PDF TO PLAN™ template kit offers over 200 template worksheets!

  • I am using this template myself to accomplish my big goals for 2022. 
  • I hope these resources are a big help to you and your business.

Download the resources today and watch your engagement soar on your social profiles! 🚀

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