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How to Add a Video Scroll to a Mockup Image


Hi Friends,

I received a question from one of my subscribers recently that inspired me to create this video.

They wanted to know how I created a little movable graphic on my website.

Can you see how the pages are turning and they're flipping on their own?

Well, they weren't sure if it was a GIF, or if it was a video.

So, I thought I'd show everyone how I did it! 

I'm filming this video on my site, Profit With PDFs which features my new product, PDF TO PLAN™.

It's a goal-setting template kit to help you accomplish your One Big Goal in no time at all.

Here's how I created this scrolling video of my product for the header image on my Kajabi website.

PDF TO PLAN™ was created in Apple Keynote, then I downloaded all the individual pages into Canva in a png format.

The Canva Graphic Platform 

  • In Canva, I created an 8.5 by 11 sized template and uploaded all the individual images of my product.
  • But, what I did...
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