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How to Turn Your PDF Lead Magnet into a Show-Stopping Flipbook | FREE PDF


Hi Friends,

As you probably know, I love the versatility of PDFs.

Have you ever thought of turning your lead magnet into a flipbook? 

Well, now you can on

They offer two company options; Heyzine flipbooks and Publuu flipbooks. 

Each offers different pricing options if you want to download your flipbook, but you can easily and freely share the link to it. 

In this video, I'm going to walk you through, step-by-step on how I created my Lead Magnet flipbook.

By the way, if you'd like this freebie, you can download it HERE.

It's called, 100+ Lead Magnet Ideas to Skyrocket your List

  • First thing is you're going click on the three dots on the top right side of the Canva page.
  • Type in flipbooks in the search field.
  • You'll see two options come up. Let's try this one, Heyzine flipbooks.
  • Now automatically, it's going to populate just 10 pages, but we don't want that.
  • We want all of our pages, so come down and click on 1 through 19. And then click, done.
  • And now, we're going to save this. It's going to work on producing that flipbook for us. And it is so cool when you see it. It's amazing. I love it.
  • Now, these flip books, they're free to be able to create them like this. And you can share a link.

But, if you want to download it, then you're going to have to sign in and there's going to be a fee. 

I believe this company charges about $49 a year to be able to download your flipbook. Okay, we're ready. See where it says continue editing are over here, or go to homepage?

We don't want either one of these. This is the link we want to click "View in Heyzine flipbooks".

Now, it's going to process it for a few moments.

It's great to have an option instead of just giving somebody a paper PDF or a downloadable PDF. This is a really cool way to share your information with them.

See how you can flip the pages?  Can you hear the pages turning?

Ah, I love it. That's so cool.

All right, now, let's head over to the side panel.

Let me show you on the side panel here.

Alright, so you have different options. But up here, we want to share this.

  • Here's the link. We can copy it right and send that to somebody and, and then, they can access this lead magnet on Canva.
  • Or, if you come up here to download it and you want to upload it say into your website. You click here, and then you're going to get that option.

It's going to ask you either to subscribe, or you're going to have to pay which is about $49 a year.

So I'm not sure if you want to do that. But you do have that option.

But, this is great guys, let me know if you turn your lead magnets into flipbooks.

If you're interested in this lead magnet, you can head on over to PDFTOPEOPLE.COM and you can download this for FREE.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on turning your lead magnet into a beautiful, amazing flipbook.

Wishing you all the best. Bye for now.

🌺 Valerie 

PS. Be sure to download this valuable resource.
If you have an iPad, airdrop it to a note-taking app like GoodNotes, and flip the pages as you would a book! Use your stylus pen to check off all the ideas you like! 📝


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